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Jul 29 2020

First playlists revealed!

Everyday starting from today, we will publish 2 theme blocks with the list of recordings information here on our webpage.  In the first 2 sections, there are recordings by these...
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Jul 27 2020

World Youth Choir 1992

We have borrowed more than 200 CDd and LPs with Veljo Tormis's music from libraries, and there are some really interesting findings! For instance, here you can see World Youth...
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Jul 23 2020

Children songs

To celebrate the anniversary of Veljo Tormis, his music recordings will be played on 7 August at Tartu Song Celebration grounds. The day will be divided into theme blocks among...
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Jul 21 2020

Küllike Joosing

How does 16 hours of music find its way to the Song Celebration Grounds? The piece-choosing-team is working along with Summer, and the music will be divided in theme blocks....
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Jul 17 2020

Liisa Hõbepappel

16 hours of Veljo Tormis music - how does choosing the music look like? Team member Liisa Hõbepappel speaks shortly about it in the video! Visit Facebook to see the...
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Jul 10 2020

Five Tartu museums are collecting ribbons dedicated to Veljo Tormis

What would you like to express to Veljo Tormis or his music? Five museums in Tartu are collecting ribbons that people dedicate to Veljo Tormis. 1. Find textile ribbons from...
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Media coverage (Tormis 90th in Tartu):