From 9 July until midday the 6th of August, everybody can bring their wishing ribbon(s) to the buildings of Tartu City Museum as a symbolic gift to Veljo Tormis or his work. The team will then tie the ribbons to the benches on the Tartu Festival Arena that will also mark the seats that are at a safe distance from each other.

  1. Choose one or several ribbons you have at home. The colour, width or design don’t matter, but the length should be at least 60 cm and the material should be weatherproof. This length allows us to tie the ribbon around the seat with ease.
  2. Think good thoughts when choosing the ribbon.
  3. Bring the ribbon(s) before midday, 6 August, to one of the five buildings of Tartu City Museum (see below).
  4. Please draw a mark for every ribbon you brought on a designated poster at the museum, so we can keep track of the number of ribbons we have. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the museum’s personnel!
  5. Should you like to write down your thoughts/wishes, you are very welcome to do so. Bring them to the museum on paper (or write them directly on the ribbon). We would use them in our communication before 7 August, and give them to Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre after the event. If you add your name, please note that we might use it in full, as initials, just the first name, etc.
  6. You don’t have to buy a ticket to the museum to hand over the ribbon(s) and wish(es). There is a basket for wishes waiting for you.
  7. The ribbons can be brought to the museums during their business hours until 12 noon on 6 August 2020.
  8. The team will tie the ribbons to the benches later on 6 August, and gather them again after the event next night.
  9. The goal is to gather 1000 ribbons, so feel free to bring several!
Tartu City Museum
Narva mnt 23, Tartu (Ülejõe/centre)
Wed–Sun 11am to 6pm
Tartu Song Celebration Museum
Jaama 14, Tartu (Raadi)
Tue-Sat 11am to 6pm
KGB Cells Museum
Riia 15b, Tartu (Karlova/centre)
Tue–Sat 11am to 5pm
Oskar Luts Home Museum
Riia 38, Tartu (Tammelinn)
Wed–Sat 11am to 5pm
19th century Tartu Citizen’s Home Museum
Jaani 16, Tartu (old town)
Wed–Sat 11am to 5 pm, Sun 11am to 3 pm